The Couple

Alexander and Natalie first met in 2001. She was 10, he was 11, and they were in the play "The Hobbit" at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Buford, GA. Alexander went in for an audition a couple days after rehearsals had officially begun. His cold read landed him the part of Thorin Oakenshield, leader of the dwarves. The director had run out of spare scripts, so Alexander was given a script that another cast member had left behind after a rehearsal. Over the next few months both Alexander and Natalie attended practice sessions for the play. He barely knew her name, but she despised him. Natalie wanted the part of Thorin, and was originally promised the role until Alexander showed up.

The years came and went, and they navigated the perils of middle school and most of high school on their own. They again met through the Life Teen youth program in 2006, not recalling that they had met years prior. Alexander was an extremely obnoxious young man, and tormented Natalie whenever possible. She avoided him whenever possible. As their mutual friend group grew larger they started seeing each other more. Eventually they started hanging out one-on-one and grew even closer. Late one night, at 2 AM, Natalie reached out to Alexander. She was going through a very personal crisis and had no one to turn to. He snuck out of his house and drove to her in the pouring rain. She snuck out of her house, and he hugged her. Then he left. The dramatics of the situation were enough to kindle a spark between them. They started talking on the phone and texting constantly, and ultimately both were struggling to hide their feelings for the other.

One day, spurred by Alexander's imminent departure for college, he visited her house and confessed how he felt about her. She revealed that she felt the same way. They both agreed that the only logical thing to do was to remain friends and not attempt a long-distance relationship. He drove away to pack for college. Less than 24 hours later, on October 26 2008, he showed up at her house and told her that he wanted to try it anyway. She elatedly agreed.

Shortly after they started dating, they learned something fascinating: they were both in that play together as kids. Alexander opened up an old box and dusted off that script he got over 7 years ago. Written on the inside front cover were the words "Natalie Schleicher".

On September 28 2015 Alexander proposed to Natalie at Fort Tryon Park in New York City. Alexander and Natalie have had an incredible 7 years together, and are excited to begin a new chapter in their lives.


Saturday October 8, 2016
1:30 PM

St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church
1618 Ben King Road
Kennesaw, GA 30144


Saturday October 8, 2016
3:30 PM

Red Top Mountain State Park
Group Shelter #2
Park Marina Rd
Cartersville, GA 30121


Amanda Tuck
Maid of Honor
"Let's bake cookies to celebrate!"
Brooke Turk
Cousin of the Bride
"I'm so excited!"
Mariela Serrano "Estoy muy emocionado!"
Lauren Sandwich "Are you sure I can't stand on the Groom's side?"
Kirsten Cottrill "Does this mean we're friends now?"
Rachel Takacs
Sister of the Groom
"I think I have homework that weekend."
Catherine Jackson "You know I live in D.C. right?"


Ryan Cottrill
Worst Best Man
"Does this mean I can't get drunk at the reception?"
John Greer "Don't make me the best man. Seriously, don't."
Gabriel Takacs
Brother of the Groom
"Okay, yeah. So I just show up?"
Matthew Takacs
Brother of the Groom
"But I'm really the best man though right?"
David Takacs
Brother of the Groom
"I'm not giving a speech."
Gregory Camacho "Um, isn't Georgia Tech playing that day?"
David Hagerty "Afterwards we're just going to play board games, right?"